Understanding What Axial Loading Is

Understanding the design, properties, and function of your individual equipment gears is essential. However, understanding how gears work together and operate under different environmental and mechanical stress levels is also fundamental to ensuring equipment is working effectively and efficiently.

Keeping track of the different engineering laws, theories, and methods for gear movement and operation can be complicated to differentiate, however. To learn more about specific gear movements and understand what axial loading is, continue reading.  

What Is Axial Loading?

Axial loading relates to the force or stress that moves along the axis of an object. During axial loading, the force applied along the axis is directly applied by another mechanism or external factor. Axial loading is often expressed as tension, which happens because of external stresses or forces such as weight, pulling, or extreme temperature changes.

When these external forces are applied directly along the axis of an object, the object will expand or contract as a result. This process and response to tension and compression are referred to as axial loading. Machinery gears experience axial loading when an axial force or calculated thrust is applied.

How Do You Calculate the Stress of the Axial Loading?

The amount of normal axial stress of an axial load is calculated by dividing the force by the area of the gear axis. Although the stress of axial loading can be calculated, this measurement can still often vary depending on whether the ends of an object or gear are fixed.

However, in most cases, when the tension applied to a gear increases or decreases, the length and area of the gear follow accordingly. 

Understanding what axial loading is and how this process calculates the stress of external force divided by the area of spur gears is essential for understanding the physics of gear motion. When businesses are informed on what types of axial forces or external thrusts they might be applying to their gears or machinery, they can better predict their equipment’s response.

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