How Are Spur Gears Manufactured

Overall, the process of manufacturing spur gears is relatively easy. For a brief look at how spur gears are manufactured, read the material below. It is our hope that you when leave here, all your questions regarding the basics of spur gears will be answered.

Types of Spur Gears

There are numerous different types of spur gears that are made up of other materials. The manufacturing process will depend on the type of spur gear and the material it is made of. Read the information below for a brief explanation of the different types.

  • Steel: The steel spur gear has many uses and is very common. This is because the use of steel makes it possible to choose from a wide selection of teeth and modules. This type of spur gear falls under the category of non-ground.
  • Plastic: The tooth finish for plastic spur gears is also cut and identified as non-ground.
  • MC nylon: This specific spur gear can easily be used without the need for lubrication. With this advantage, they are often used to process food.
  • Injection-molded: These spur gears can easily be mass-produced, which leads to cost savings. However, they need to be used for light-duty applications.

Manufacturing of Spur Gears

Many times, spur gears are manufactured through a cutting process. However, there are other forms or methods available, as well, including casting, rolling, or forging. The manufacturing method will depend on the type of spur gear in question and its material. For example, plastic spur gears use tooth cutting, but metal gears don’t always use them. You want to make sure the gear grinding is done correctly because it will directly relate to the overall manufacturing of the tooth for the spur gear.

Looking at the different types of gears and how spur gears are manufactured can help you better understand what you are using or what you need. If you happen to be looking for spur gears or want custom spur gears, you have come to the right place. Take a look at our website to browse our inventory, and reach out if you have any questions!


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