What To Know About Spiral Bevel Gear Design

Spiral bevel gears are often more difficult and complex to create than other gears because of their design. With the complexity of production comes a higher cost and difficultly. To take a closer look at what to know about spiral bevel gear design, continue reading below.

What Makes the Design Complicated?

The design of the spiral bevel gear is cut in a helix. This cut is highly complicated because it has so many intricate elements and techniques. The gear's helical-cut runs clockwise or counterclockwise so they can be used in pairs if needed. With technology and advancements in equipment, it has been somewhat easier to create this intricate gear design. However, when expert machinists previously had to craft the gears themselves, it took a ton of time to construct perfectly.

Advantages of This Unique Design

While it’s more timely and costly to make, many people deal with those inconveniences because of the gear’s advantages and how well it works overall. For a quick look at some of the benefits of choosing this specific type of gear, continue reading below.

    • Precision. Because of how the spiral bevel gear is designed, it’s made to very exact specifications. This precision can allow for the most intricate projects and applications to use this gear.
    • Can Be Used in Three-Way Coupling. This advantage of the gear allows for power to transmit left, right, or in both directions. Being able to split the power from one motor to operate several things at once is great! When you use this, you save on cost and maintenance.
    • Are On-Plane. The input and output shafts of the spiral bevel gear design are at a perfect right angle to each other. This allows for the gearbox to turn a corner to deliver the power you need wherever you require it.
    • Long Lifespan. Due to the way the gear is designed, there’s very little room for wear. If taken care of and correctly maintained, the spiral bevel gears can last for a long time.

After taking a look at what to know about spiral bevel gear design, hopefully, you understand what separates this gear from the others. Seeing how intricate and beneficial this gear is will help you know the difference and increase in price. If you are searching for hypoid spiral bevel gears, take a look at our inventory online. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call! We want to do our part in making sure you have the best gearboxes for your application.


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