When To Use Straight Bevel Gears

With numerous types of gears, it is hard to keep them straight. Hopefully, this article’s information will allow you to learn more on the topic of straight bevel gears and get an idea of the different applications. For a more inclusive look of when to use straight bevel gears, read on.

What Are Straight Bevel Gears?

Straight bevel gears are one of the most common types of bevel gears. Bevel gears, in general, are designed to transmit motion between intersection axes. In addition to being one of the most common, straight bevel gears are also the simplest type. This specific type of gear has straight teeth. In many scenarios, it’s said that they resemble a spur gear, except for the fact that they are conical, not cylindrical.

Uses of Straight Bevel Gears

It is important to note that this specific type of gear can be utilized in numerous applications and industries. Not only are they used in industrial and commercial businesses, but companies dealing with material handling, automotive, and pumps also use them. The list could go on and on.

Below are a few specific applications that use straight bevel gears.

  • Machine tools
  • Welding equipment
  • Food packaging and canning equipment
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Control valves for numerous items and industries
  • Compression systems for oil and gas markets

It is important to know when to use straight bevel gears simply because they have various uses. Many individuals like working with it due to the simple design. For more information on when to use this gear type, as well as where you can purchase custom bevel gears, visit our website. It is our hope that here at Blaz-Man Gear Inc. – Power Transmission Group, we can help you will all your gear-related needs.


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