The Advantages of Spiral Bevel Gears

To start, spiral bevel gears have helical teeth at a 90-degree angle. The goal of this design is to provide more flexibility and traction in hopes that they will not slip during the operation. This type of bevel gear is also known as a hypoid gear. For more information on the spiral bevel gear overall, as well as some of the advantages of the spiral bevel gear, continue reading below.


Smooth and Quiet

Not all gears are smooth and quiet, but spiral bevel gears are. As such, this gives them a step up from the ones that aren’t. The teeth’s design and placement minimize noise during operation. In addition to it being quiet, the teeth design allows for the whole operation to be extremely smooth.

Utilized in High-Volume Applications

This specific type of gear can handle high-speed and high-torque power. Having this as an attribute allows this gear to be able to compete in high-volume situations. As such, consumers can save money, as it provides long-lasting performance while needing very little repairs or replacements due to its solid structure. These gears not only improve flexible performance for any operation using them, but they also improve and boost equipment life as well.

These advantages of the spiral bevel gear explained above show just how beneficial choosing this specific gear can be. There is no doubt that if you can utilize this gear in your gearbox or operation, you should. The benefits completely outweigh the negatives.

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