Bevel Gears Selection Guide

For an inside scoop on the proper selection of bevel gears, we have compiled and outlined everything you could possibly need to know. Not only have we explained what a bevel gear is, but how to identify the best one for your specific project and or task. Here is the bevel gears selection guide that will make this process easier than you ever thought it could be.


Bevel Gear Defined

This specific gear is designed with the intent of transmitting motion between intersecting axes. The most common of these are perpendicular arrangements; however, it is important to note that bevel gears can be manufactured or customized for almost any angle. It is also important to note that the teeth of the gear are conically shaped or tapered, meaning that it is cone-shaped or smaller toward one end than the other.

Types of Bevel Gears

In total there are four different types of bevel gears. The different types include not only straight bevel gears, but spiral, hypoid, and crown configurations as well. Below are more details regarding each of these bevel gears.

  • Straight—This specific type of bevel gear is similar to spur gears; however, they are different due to the fact that they have teeth toward the apex. In this bevel gear, the gear teeth mesh, causing a loud, noisy, and abrupt sound.
  • Spiral—Spiral gears are commonly compared to helical gears because they have angled teeth that allow for interlocking between the different gears. This specific feature allows for the overall operation to be much quieter than the straight bevel gear.
  • Hypoid—These gears are analogous to spiral bevel gears, but do not have mating gears that have intersecting axes. Overall, this paves the way for smoother operation and for a larger pinion.
  • Crown—This gear has teeth that resemble the points of a crown. They also have pitch angles of 90 degrees, which are parallel to the axis.

While this is just only the beginning and surface-level information for bevel gears, it provides you with the foundational details of these specific gears. This bevel gear selection guide gives you a solid start and provides you with a path on what the different gears are to pick the right one. Again, this is not all of the information about bevel gears, but it’s a great place to start.

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